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Saturday, April 17, 2010


First off, let me start out with an apology.  I have not been very diligient about keeping my blog updated.  My goal was to be able to send out a new post at least once every three days, but that has not been happening.  So my sincerest apologies, dear readers, and I will try to do better.

I've been a bit behind because I've been busy working on projects for my graduate school program.  Thursday we had to present as teams in front of a room full of potential employers.  (Full meaning about forty some people representing some very large, very well recognized organizations like Bristol Myers Squibb, Johns Hopkins University, Tyco Electronics, etc.).  Talk about a lot of pressure. 

Yesterday I sat down and interviewed for jobs with some of the people who had been watching our team presentation.  Overall, I felt that a lot of the interviews went well, so I'm hoping that I will be hearing back from some of these companies very soon.  Hoping, hoping....keeping my fingers crossed.

On top of all of the stress associated with the presentation, job interviews, work for other classes that couldn't be put on hold, the full time job I'm currently holding to help pay for graduate school, etc., I came home yesterday to find out that our refridgerator decided to call it quits.  It's an old one anyway, but I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the timing of it.  There's nothing like finishing up a long day of interviews to find that all of your ice cream has melted and the milk has probably spoiled.


  1. Ah yes, isn't life fun... Never a dull moment.
    What are you going to school for...?

  2. It certainly is. I'm going to school for Instructional's a nice blend of education (especially adult learning) and web development.